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Bisangiddwa ku Wikipedia

Hæ Ice201, þú getur gert að þýða hér ;) --birdy (:> )=| 19:03, 7 November 2006 (UTC)

Hello Jati. Thank you for your interest in working on the Luganda Wikipedia. The things that are most needed right now are: 1) Articles about things that are relevant to Luganda speakers (people and places in or close to Uganda, for example, rather than multiple articles about Iceland and Sweden). 2) Training of Luganda speakers to contribute to this Wikipedia. 3) Development of a complete Luganda interface for the Wikipedia (this requires a high proficiency in both Luganda and English, since many of the interface terms are rather technical).

Are these things that you are able to work on?

You should first join the Afrophone Wikis discussion group and read through the archives, to get a sense of the issues involved. More information is here:

I would welcome your help as an interim sysop on this project. Please look through the Afrophone Wikis archives to find information about how to become a sysop. The point of such a responsibility is not to RUN the project, but to facilitate it. And our ultimate goal is to put the administration of the project entirely in the hands of the Luganda community. Only when Luganda speakers are regularly using, contributing to, and managing this project will we be able to say that this is a true Wikipedia. Malangali 14:07, 23 Mukulukusa 2006 (UTC)

Hi. Sorry for late response, I was away on wacation and all my wikipedia projects siesed. To respond, I am already member of Yahoo group. I understand about making articles relative to Ugandians, and the problem is my techinical terms arent well for Luganda. I have spoken with a few luganda speakers and link them to this site and they said my Luganda is extremely good, I write it better then them, this is a problem. Most of the Luganda speakers cannot write the language, (similar to Luxembourgish speakers). I don't live in Africa, far from it actually, maybe you can help find some Luganda speakers easier? --Ice201 20:04, 7 Museenene 2006 (UTC)
Hi Ice, welcome back from your vacation. I don't know any Luganda speakers who would be able to work on this Wikipedia at the moment. However, I appreciate your enthusiasm for helping to get the project started. I think if you work on developing a good Luganda user interface, we will be able to find some Ugandans soon who can log in and start working on developing articles. When do you intend to travel to Uganda? Malangali 01:02, 11 Museenene 2006 (UTC)
Úúf, not for long time will I travel to Uganda. I am planning a month stay in Bangui, Centrafrique in 2009 or 2010. Maybe when I am there I can make my way down to Uganda. --Ice201 15:05, 13 Museenene 2006 (UTC)


MediaWiki:Recentchanges-url should be changed back to {{ns:Special}}:Recentchanges. At the moment the sidebar link doesn't work. Pill 20:34, 13 Museenene 2006 (UTC)

Adminship[edit source]

I will support your adminship request if you will supportKizito's adminship. --Jose77 20:56, 1 Mukutulansanja 2007 (UTC)

Belle mentalité ! Politique, corruption, chantage… --Budelberger 15:06, 12 Muwakanya 2008 (UTC) ()
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Notice: Your sysop rights on this wiki are removed because your temporary granted status is now expired. Greetings, Effeietsanders 08:14, 23 Mukutulansanja 2007 (UTC)